3026 Plate handle

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Overall Width Height Centre to Centre
92 mm 38 mm 51 mm
114 mm 48 mm 67 mm

These handles are made from top quality, original press tools from the old 'Pearson Page & Jewsbury' range of Edwardian handles. The thicker gauge metal used for the stamped plate gives it a solid quality feel, yet still allows the press-tool to beautifully show all the design elements in the pattern that may be lost were these plates made as traditional sand-castings. Many of these designs are Art Nouveau, or Art Deco in style but they are classic Edwardian designs. They are supplied with either sand-cast or forged grips and open bolt head spindles that allow the grip to hang sweetly when mounted. Many (cheaper) Edwardian plates were made as steel pressings and then copper plated. Our solid brass versions are regularly bought to replace these inferior items when they are lost or broken! Hand finished from original press-tools in Birmingham.


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3041 Plate handle 3041 Plate handle
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